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Write for us – Blog Post Guidelines for writers

Blog’s objective

The blog section of this site is a place for women to share their faith and how it relates to their daily lives. It is a place to create relationships with women who identify themselves as Presbyterian.

Content’s objective

Blog posts should encourage the reader to feel included in the community. They should help women to develop relationships with each other, grow in their faith, and deepen their relationship with God. They should encourage women to serve God in their daily lives. They should also encourage discussion.

Many of our posts will focus on ways that women reach out into their community (local and world) and work towards justice for the marginalized, neglected, or forgotten.


Editorial Process

Once we receive a blog post we have the editorial right to make changes. We will not change the content or voice of the post. Also note, it could take up to six months for your post to go live.


If we decide to use your blog, a $50 honararium will be given.


  • Links – External links are welcome in articles. We will check and verify links for content and permission.
  • Photos – We would love to use your clear, high-quality personal photos. Please get permission from those pictured and the photographer. Photos should be labeled. We also have a full set of stock images to use.
  • Headlines – Great headlines are key to the success of a post. They generate more social media shares. Please title your work (6 words is a good guideline), but note the title may be changed.
  • Re-posting – We are looking for original work that has not been previously published.
  • Inclusive Language – Use inclusive language. Generally, avoid using pronouns when referring to God and male pronouns should not be used when referring to both males and females.

Writing suggestions:

  • Blogging is a conversation- Try to write as you speak. Avoid jargon, clichés and acronyms. Your personality and voice should come through as it will keep readers coming back.
  • Write an intro and make it captivating – The first paragraph will keep or lose the reader. The first few sentences will also be featured when shared on social media.
  • Other
    • Use short sentences and paraphrases
    • Bullet points are great
    • When quoting Scripture, indicate the translation
    • Give credit, where credit is due. Use in-text citations on all quotes