“God is in Control”

For the second week in a row, the phone rang and the name of the school came up in the display. Sigh. Both times it was for my son. Last week, a weird bug left him lethargic, with a fever, headache, and nausea for two days. This morning, it was an injury. Before school even started, he took a tennis ball to the eye in a game of ‘wall ball.’ He had been resting with his eyes closed for about an hour, but it was still causing him some pain and the secretary wondered if the cornea might be scratched. I said I would come.

Before I left the house, I called our doctor’s office to see if there was any chance of an appointment, or if I needed to wait until the afternoon for their walk-in. I was told, there was one appointment available this morning, not with his usually doctor, but another. It happened to be with the doctor that I consider a friend, an earthly saint, and a fellow church member. It was in 30 minutes, but if all the lights were green, I thought we could just about make it!

After I picked my son up at the school, we got into the car and I plugged in my phone for directions. It said we would arrive at 10:40 a.m. That was the exact time of our appointment. I told my little prophet in the back seat, and he said, “It’s like God knows.” We both might have thought, what great luck, but in our house, we don’t believe in luck. We do, however, believe in a God that is present in our lives.

Now, I know we could get into a theological debate about how much God is involved in our everyday life. How much choice do we have? Are we just puppets being controlled by God? Does God really turn all the traffic lights to green when we are in a hurry? Debate and discussion is great and can help us grow as a person of faith.

Yet, today, whether it was because God made me, me…the kind of person that quickly moves into action, calling the doctor’s office when I get a call regarding an injured kid, or because God is in control of the smallest details of my life, it doesn’t matter. In that moment, I was thankful. Thankful that my son, instead of saying what good luck we had said, “God is in control.”

My son is fine and he has no permanent damage to his eye. He was back to school within the hour and I was back to work in just over an hour. Yet now, the day takes on a new meaning as I am once again reminded that indeed, “God is in control.” Even better, my son know that too. Thanks be to God.

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One thought on ““God is in Control”

  • November 22, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    I’m so glad that your son is fine with no permanent damage to the eye, but I am even more glad to hear that a young child has such faith!


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