Praise God from Whom all Blessings FLOW….

Praise God from Whom all Blessings FLOW….

This certainly is the case at the weekly community soup kitchen in our church called the Lunch Hut. I have been keeping a journal of the blessings each week, and I am always amazed at God’s goodness.

Countless times we may seem to be short of volunteers, and one or two new faces appear at the door!

The local stores are generous in their gifts of food – Safeway, which provides bread and desserts, White Rock Supermarket who gives free vegetables and fruit, sometimes by the boxful!

Tim Horton’s supplies donuts! Penguin meets gives package of meat and soup bones, and White Rock Pharmacy, 2 cases of gloves!

At Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, having up to 160 people, there is always enough food for all!

An East Indian group that we give extra desserts to for their mission to the homeless, have put on a feast at New Years  in thanks!

Financial help has come from a swimming team and a Multiple Sclerosis support group when we have given them meals, and a baseball fund raiser gave excess food, individuals give meat like turkeys and beef!

Surprises, such as a guest asking for squash soup, and 5 pumpkins appear from 3 different sources!

We are blessed to have volunteers from other churches and from 3 local organizations who help young people get jobs.

When a new freezer was needed, a friend donated the exact amount needed without knowing what the cost would be!

Several people sit down at the piano to provide music.

Regular volunteers who have had surgery – hip and knee repair, and mastectomy, and a stroke – have returned to help.  God gave quick healing!

A recent volunteer noted how the guests greet each other warmly when they come.  The servers know many by name and share in their lives.

A heartfelt comment from a regular customer was, “The special ingredient to the soup is love.”

We feel blessed to show God’s love to others by what we do in His name.

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