Passive or active?

On Sunday, our church held their fall kick off: the kids were welcomed back; we were reminded of the importance of the children and the importance of walking beside those children; our KidsZone started back into its regular scheduled programming; and we came together as a family to eat. Sound exciting doesn’t it…well, I wasn’t ready.

There are so many things on my list that happen as I transition from summer to fall. My children have been back at school for two weeks now; dance, gymnastics, and hockey have all stared back up; and summer hours have ended at work. This all takes organization and time.

I am not ready.

I seem to be sitting back and passively letting my family, my church, and my work move on without me. Don’t get me wrong. I took the kids shopping to excitedly get new school supplies. I will attend the church meeting to plan for the next KidsZone year. I am going about my job as I should.

But something seems to be missing. I have been taking it for granted. I haven’t really been giving it a second thought, just passively going through the motions.

As I pause and recognize this, I also have to wonder, what else am I passively witnessing?

Have you ever taken your belief in God for granted? Believed it as fact but with no real interaction with your faith family or the world? Faithfully reading your Bible, partaking in daily devotions but leaving it there—not really living it out to the ultimate conclusion with action? I certainly have.

With the beginning of fall, my minister spoke about our small group ministry (or life groups as we call them). She followed that with the thought that it is in small groups that your faith is deepened, that relationships are formed, and that real faith is lived.

That statement supports the idea that active belief is when your faith has an impact on the actions and lives of others. Instead of going through the routine, one must be aware that our life has purpose only through our belief in and our reliance on God.

As an introvert, I often have to be reminded that faith is an active belief. It is a relationship that requires me to interact with both God, and others. I am reminded that it is God’s will that I actively live for him in ways that can significantly change who I am. I need to continue to keep learning and growing in exciting ways.

I work for the Women’s Missionary Society and have the pleasure of visiting groups, presbyerials, and synodicals (the different levels of our organization). When I visit these groups, I see active faith. I see examples of how a true and honest belief in God and Jesus Christ moves people to action—to loving their neighbours. As a mission organization, this doesn’t surprise me but it does knock me out of my passive phases.

As fall continues, I pray that everyone one of us will choose activity over passivity. May we actively live out our faith and embrace this new season.

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