Spring Cleaning

‘Tis the Season! I have made my list and it is long. I don’t generally try to execute a full regime of Spring cleaning, but this winter was hard on the house. We have been in this house for over 12 years now. Both of our children have been born during this time so the house has seen diapers, mounds of laundry, three sizes of Lego, a hamster and a guinea pig, and thankfully, lots of gatherings of friends and family. Rooms have changed purposes and continue too. And this Winter, there was the constant in and out of hockey bags as we just seemed to run from one rink to another (and to work and church too!).

So, this year, I do feel we need to do some ‘real’ Spring cleaning. Though, amidst the dust, dirt, and clutter that has accumulated in the house, I also wonder how much dust, dirt, and clutter has accumulated in my soul. The same things that have taken a toll on the house, have taken a toll on me. I too am feeling a little dusty and cluttered.

But, what does Spring cleaning look like for me? First, I know I have let some bad habits get out of control recently. I am spending too much time on Facebook and killing zombies on my tablet. Yes, we all need a little relax time. Yes, Facebook can be a good way to connect with friends and family, but lately, I am checking it too often and lingering too long. So, just like the kids, maybe I need to set a timer for my screen time, and remember some of the other things I love to do that I claim I don’t have time for.

Secondly, I need to remember that the calendar does not have to be full, and that no, is a word I can use! This weekend, is our first weekend without hockey in months. It looks empty and I will admit, a little unsettling. What, are we going to do? I need to remember how to do ‘nothing’. We need to remember how to have a relaxing morning with the kids as I linger over my coffee. (Or, not so relaxing, but still unstructured.) The kids need to remember how to do this too.

Finally, I need to spend some more time connecting with God. Good habits seem so easy to break and so hard to develop, but I need to get back into the habit of regular time with God. Yes, God still loves me even when my prayer at the end of the night is a rushed, “Thank you God for this day.” But, I need more. I need to listen. I need to ask. I need praise and even, question. I need to trust. I need to sit in God’s presence and be made new.

So, this Spring as you wash a few windows or clean out a closet, consider what else might need some attention in your life. Do you need a little Spring cleaning too?

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