Consider the Birds of the Air

I do not always make the wisest decisions—like choosing to put a birdhouse on the veranda next to the entrance of my house.

I love my little birdhouse. It is one, of many, that my Dad made and placed in the trees around the family home. They serve as a reminder of a man who understood what it was to consider the lilies of the field and the birds of the air.

So, when this birdhouse fell off the tree, I rescued it. I set it on a table by my door amid the flowers and decorations. It was my intention to nail it back to the tree. I kept forgetting.

One morning, I noticed a bird sitting on the railing of my veranda. He was there when I got home and there again the next morning. I did not think anything of it until that night when a visitor pointed to my birdhouse and showed me the head of a bird peeking out. The next morning, outside my door, guarding their home, were Mama and Papa bird.

For the next three weeks getting in and out of my house was challenging. The birds and I learned to trust each other, though never completely. They did not want me in their house and I did not want them in mine.

The morning I left on a vacation, I heard the gentle peeps of little ones. When I returned two weeks later, there was no sign of the family.

I forgot all about the little birds until one day last week. I was cleaning up the summer things on my stoop and I came to the bird house. I decided to open the hatch and look inside. There was a cozy little home of feathers and twigs all arranged with a precision that had me captivated. This cozy little home whispered to me, “Do not worry about your life.”


Isn’t it amazing how God can use a little bird’s nest to remind me that I am Beloved.

It was not the wisest of decisions to place the birdhouse on my veranda but from it came a wonderful reminder.

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