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Everyone is talking about change these days, in the world around me but also in the church. The world is changing at a fast pace and yet there are things that seem to take forever to change. In the church we need change to catch up to the world around us.

Recently I took notice of changes in my life and work, much more than before. I don’t know if it is part of aging or maybe there is a lot more change going on around me, in my life, than ever before.

In my personal life, just last year, some of the changes that took place were: 1) moved for the 13th time since getting married; 2) first grandchild (actually was born Dec. 29, 2014, but the experience of being a grandmother happened for the first time last year); 3) walked the Camino; 4) daughter is expecting with our second grandchild.

In my work, that is, the WMS national office, we saw changes: 1) Elza finished working as Financial Officer; 2) offices moved around; 3) first bi-annual Council meeting; 4) first mailing with 2 years’ annual reports in one; 5) reduction in Council delegates and Council Executive members; 6) and, of course, The Hub, as our social media outreach.

These are not the only changes that happened in my life recently; they are just the ones I am taking note of; they are just surface changes that I saw happening in my life.

Then there are the internal changes that are harder to detect, or perhaps take longer to notice. Sometimes I wonder if some of these changes are related to being post-menopausal, like: 1) I have become more of a no-nonsense person and I speak out directly when I see “nonsense”; 2) I have become more patient and tolerating, or is it the case that I am able to “let go and let God” more easily as I get older; 3) I think I have a deeper understanding of God in my life, although that is difficult to measure, but I know that I have a better appreciation of all things spiritual than ever before.

However we understand change in our lives, I realize that change is a reality that is part of life. In fact, I think without change we are not living! So, to say that I am living is to say that I am constantly changing. To change is to live!

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